Moncler Lunettes featuring Pharrell Williams. Modello rotondo dal gusto retrò tipico di le Courbusier, realizzato in titanio e studiato per offrire spessore e profondità ai lati ed estrema leggerezza al frontale.
Le lenti, in nylon come le aste, garantis

Colors: Black Red

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The world

Have you ever wondered how a visionary sees the world? The answer has always been in the history of Moncler. Each project aims to define a new viewpoint of reality. The passion to arouse the curiosity of others and reinvent their approach to people comes before everything else. Because the basis for real creativity is the ability to dream and look beyond. Pharrell Williams is an artist and style icon who embodies this very philosophy.

When he talks, he says things in a simple and direct way. He fascinates without preaching. It is the artist in him expressing itself, a sensitive mirror that reflects whatever is happening. The enquiring mind who falls in love with a revolutionary perspective. It was for this reason that he agreed to work with Moncler. Five years ago it was about designing jackets that broke down all the boundaries exploring the possibilities for creating a stimulating melting pot of art and fashion.

The result was an updated version of the classic Moncler jackets appear alongside new models.

The key garment was a pacifist version of the bullet-proof vest, conceived for a purpose that was clearly its very antithesis. Today it's all about utterly special sunglasses: Pharrell Williams as designer of honour for Moncler Lunettes. Frames made from a single piece of titanium, designed to offer depth and thickness on the sides, whilst the impeccable silhouette sees the Fifties of Le Corbusier side by side with futurism.

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